Goodbye Muffin Top: 4 ways to get a flatter stomach. - Bean

The age old question, how do I shift this bulge around my tummy!?

Well in many respects the actual theory is pretty simple, it’s the practice that’s a little tougher – but by no means impossible.

You want my opinion on the top 4 ways to lose belly fat? Sure here they are:

  • Eat less calories
  • Move more
  • Sleep more
  • Eat the good stuff

There, simple right? Well like I said the theory is pretty easy, it’s HOW you do it and remaining consistent in doing it that most people struggle with.

Lets take them in order:

1. Eat less calories.

If you consistently consume more calories than you burn in a day, it is likely you will put on body fat.

So logic dictates that if you do the opposite to this, then you will lose weight, got it!

2. Move more.

It burns more calories standing up than sitting down.

It burns more calories walking than standing

It burns more calories running than walking

Get the gist?

Our body requires energy in the form of calories to fuel movement, so the more we move in a day, the more calories we are going to burn to do this, therefore helping to prevent the outcome of more calories going in than going out.

3. Sleep more.


Now I’m not going to go into all the benefits of why you need to be getting at least 7/8 hours of sleep a night, because I might send you to sleep, YES!!

In my experience with dealing with many clients I’ve worked with over the years, the single biggest thing in common with those who are not sleeping enough is that, they struggle to stick to a healthy eating plan.

It may not be fact, but I’m going to put it out there; the more tired you are, the more likely you are to reach for the quick fix, calorie dense foods, and really not feeling like moving a great deal, let alone exercising (remind yourselves of points 1&2 please!).

So this leads me onto the next point quite nicely.

4. Eat the good stuff.

Eating the good stuff is easy – replace anything that’s is heavily processed, heavy in refined sugar and contains massive amounts of saturated fat with the “good stuff”. BeanLite snacks are a great replacement – because all those bad things contain lots and lots of calories and if it consistently makes up the majority of your diet, your health will deteriorate on many levels and you will gain weight. Sticking wit Bean, you’ll be on the right track in no time. Fitter, Healthier and Happier – Let’s go!

I’m not saying you have to banish anything from your diet, just get the right balance.

At BeanLite we help with all of this. Our nutritional programming is designed around your calorie requirements in order to drop body fat. So you know as long as you eat from our options you will consistently be taking in less calories than required, whilst still eating a healthy balanced diet.

Our HIIT sessions, that range from absolute beginners to experienced exercisers, mean you will be moving more and burning more.

Trust me, do the recommended HIIT sessions and you will sleep more!

Not much bad stuff found in our meal options.

There, done. BeanLite it is then hey!