Ladies don’t be scared of adding muscle, it’s the secret to fat loss! - Bean

Muscles, we’ve all got them. Stereotypically, men want bigger ones and women want them to be smaller. This however, can, and does have a profound effect on how we manage our body weight. Muscles are very demanding tissues, they are the powerhouses that give us the ability to move. These powerhouses require energy in the form of ‘calories’. The more muscle mass our body contains, the higher the number of calories they will require to sustain themselves. This is known as our BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). Someone with a high percentage of muscle mass, will have a higher BMR (side note: as will those with a more active job or lifestyle). Conversely, those with a low level of muscle mass will have a lower BMR and require a much lower number of calories to sustain their weight.

As we get older our metabolism will naturally slow (this is unfortunately because we will lose a percentage of our muscle mass every year unless we do something about it). The good news, is with BeanLite, you can do something about it! Our bodies are adaptation masters. Adding HIIT training to your exercise regime can help your body to maintain and even increase its lean tissue (muscle) to give your BMR a huge boost. This will help ensure that long-term weight management is completely achievable and realistic.

So ladies, next time you’re about to jump on that treadmill or that x-trainer. Consider getting stuck into a HIIT session instead and be prepared to reap the benefits of becoming a fat-burning machine.