The 3 main reasons your weight loss may be stalling - Bean

So you’ve embarked on a weight loss journey, and initially you saw some positive results. But now things have slowed down and you’re getting a little frustrated!

So here’s our top 3 reasons on why this may be the case:

1.    You’ve slipped back into old habits without realising!

It’s perfectly natural that at the start of any ‘diet’ that you are 100 % focused and that you pay attention to every little detail. But as you progress in time on your new regime you may be allowing things to creep in that weren’t previously.

It may only be little things like not being so focused on tracking your calorie intake, or not turning down social occasions like you were initially and therefore opening the door to temptation.

Our advice would very much be to look to follow something that is less restrictive and therefore not be so tough to stick to. Many behaviours are exhibited initially that simply cannot be adhered to long term and that is why the majority of people fail with the ‘diets’ they are on.

2.    Your haven’t allowed progression in your training.

Initially when you start to take part in structured exercise, the response from your body is fantastic as the stimulus is fresh and challenging and therefore causing the body to adapt. However, any exercise programme should always look to be progressive. This means that many variables including intensity, duration, difficulty etc should be looked at as you go along. As an example a complete beginner will find bodyweight movements such as the squat, lunges and press ups a real challenge and therefore the body will adapt to such stress. However eventually as the body gets stronger and more capable in these movements you will need to progress the movements to either be greater in number, more difficult in execution or an additional resistance to provide a different stimulus in order to adapt.

So week in week out try to lift that little bit more, run a little further or cycle that bit faster!

3.    You aren’t allowing enough recovery time

This is often an overlooked, essential part of the weight loss journey.

In today’s world we often lead hectic lives with busy families, stressful jobs, long commutes etc. On top of all that we now have thrown ourselves into what is essentially a very new stress in the form of diet and exercise.

Because of this we really need to be mindful of how much time we are allowing ourselves to recover and how much ‘down time’ we are getting.

Try and implement relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga or even allowing yourself half an hour for a nice bath with some chilled music playing!


So there you have it, our top 3 reasons why you may be stalling in your results. Try and avoid the above happening and you should be all good!

And remember, its #betterwithbean !