Top 3 tips for Resolutions Success - Bean

Inevitably January rolls around; as well as a lot of us! So what do we do to take action?

The trend is usually to embark on some crazy, restrictive diet which is unsustainable and try to take up a punishing exercise programme that will leave us broken and demotivated within weeks!

So instead, how about we tackle the issue a little bit differently this year and see if you can make some key behaviours last that little bit longer, and therefore dramatically increases your chances for long term success

1. Be realistic about where you are now and the time it’s likely to take to get you to where you would like to be.

This is key. You probably have overindulged over the last few weeks, and yes you may be in a position where you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror.

But in reality it’s probably not just this time frame that has led to this, but rather behaviours you exhibit throughout the year.

So, you are a little bit more squishy than usual, not uncommon, but that’s doesn’t mean you have to turn to a period of misery and restriction because you think that is what is required.

Set a realistic goal and employ the practices required to get you there, without the need for silly extremely low calorie diets or banishing of essential food groups and their nutrients.

Something as simple as swapping from a caramel cappuccino to an americano for your daily coffee and increasing your daily steps from 5k to 10k can yield fantastic long term results if you are consistent with it.

2. Don’t try and change everything all at once.

The lifestyle adjustments required for some New Years resolutions are so drastic that it is doomed to fail from the start. We hate change, especially if it is doing something we are not enjoying.

Instead, look to change one thing a week and then add a new thing on if you are being successful and consistent in your behaviours.

For example, spend a week trying to make sure you have vegetables with at least 2 of your daily meals. This way you are not restricting yourself, but rather adding something that wasn’t there before!

3. Keep the things in life that you get enjoyment from. 

This is a common mistake. We all have our little enjoyments when it comes to food and drink. For some it’s a glass of wine, for others a choccy biscuit with our tea.

So why would we want to take away the things that bring enjoyment to ourselves? It’s only going to make it harder to adhere to isn’t it?

Instead, find a way of incorporating that treat into your week. Yes, you may have to decrease the prevalence of it, but instead use as a reward and make it part of any structure you are following, as this will mean adherence is a lot greater and the fall from the wagon a lot less likely as you just can’t cope without it anymore!

So there you have it. Set goals for yourself, and make sure the behaviours you are using to reach those goals are behaviours you can see yourself consistently practicing and eventually becoming just part of your lifestyle.

Best of luck and Happy New Year from all at Bean.