Why BEAN! - Bean

Meet Jon Williams the CEO

Being within the Health and Fitness marketplace for over 20 years owning and operating health clubs I am truly passionate about providing a facility or product that really does work. Our Bean journey began back in 2015 when a group of likeminded experts came together to create a brand within the Health, fitness and nutrition market place.

Our vision was to create a lifestyle, fitness and nutrition brand that people cannot live without whilst making it truly affordable to the masses.

Exercise, fitness and nutrition is the heart of our DNA so coming up with the brand BEAN was easy!





Our initial product will hit the market in January 2018 and will launch on both IOS and Android devices. Beanlite Is a bespoke 99 day exercise and nutrition package. Being able to keep fit and eat well is so hard as there is so much conflicting information all over the place. With beanlite we take care of everything…

You follow our workout plan which consists of both 15 and 30 minute sessions which you can even do in the comfort of your own house and choice from a selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which a tailored just for you.

Beanlite makes it simple! Users will be able to download the app for free from both the appstore and google play use, users will then be able to use the app for 9 days and then have the ability to continue for the 3-month programme for 99p, that’s right 99p, when we say make the app affordable to the masses we really do mean it!

The future is looking bright and we have our second product in the pipeline which we believe will revolutionise the fitness and nutrition marketplace as we currently know it.

Meet Greg Whyte the Fitness and Nutrition Director

I have spent my life in the pursuit of excellence with the vast majority of my time focussed on performance, health and nutrition.

The recent rise in popularity of exercise and nutrition has led to a paradoxical increase in confusion regarding the best way to optimise health and performance through diet and exercise. In addition, the high, and increasing, cost of expert advice often means that many people are unsupported in the quest to reach their goals. BEAN is our way of creating a tailored exercise and nutrition partner for everyone by producing expert led content that people can trust. Being so passionate about the power of exercise and nutrition in enhancing quality of life, I am excited to be part of the BEAN team in helping others realise their dreams.

Meet Ash Wright the Operations Director

I have been working in sport and the fitness industry for 10 years and have seen the progression health and fitness has made but also noticed a growing number of barriers that prevent this progression for the masses! This spurred myself and the rest of the founders to stand up and find a way to break down these barriers and develop a brand that is as fast pace and evolving as your life is, but with the simplicity that is maybe lacking!

We truly believe that many small gains can make for large improvements. This rings true for many aspects of life and non-more so when developing BEAN! Like a jigsaw, we have brought together a variety of top experts across the health and fitness Industry to develop a final masterpiece. Each individual expert brings exceptional knowledge and experience in their field but all with one overall mission- to help you continually achieve your goals to improve your health and life.

So after many years of planning, hundreds of days meeting and thousands hours producing content, we have created BEAN and we are confident, you will love it!

Meet Scott Baker & Tracey Prior – Creative & Marketing Director

WAY BACK WHEN… Scott Baker and Tracey Prior of Blow Media, were approached by a dynamic, as yet unnamed, team who had a vision…

To bring together Fitness and Nutrition that was inclusive, and accessible to all.

The Blow team pooled their thoughts and hosted a series of brand workshops, to drill down into what was at the core of this new and exciting brand. There were 3 elements which were key to the vision, that it encompassed great nutrition and exercise, and that it was bespoke to each user for maximum results.

The Blow team pulled on their branding hats and as if by magic, it was obvious!(well, after several sleepless nights, many many pizzas (not really on brand we know), and a few bags of jelly beans)….

B.E.A.N – Bespoke Exercise And Nutrition – see what we did there, clever huh!

Bean, we all loved it – it felt right, was snappy and memorable, and symbolic to the core values, in particular, growth and sustainability.