Zero motivation?! Here’s our top 7 tips to get yourself up off the sofa and into some training. - Bean

From time to time we all suffer from a lack of motivation and would rather plonk ourselves on the sofa than hit the gym or do a home workout.

The odd day here and there is understandable, but if this is a continual occurrence then here’s our top 7 tips to get you kickstarted!

  • Sleep! – May sound a strange one, but the lack of a good nights sleep is only going to leave you tired and less than likely to want to exercise! Aim for 7-8 hours a night and you’ll see an increase in energy levels and more than likely the desire to move.
  • Vary your workouts – Variety is the spice of life they say, and we at Bean believe that performing the same workout time after time could become tedious, let alone limit in terms of the results you will see. Change it up regularly and challenge yourself each time so you have something to push for.

Zero motivation?! Here’s our top 7 tips to get yourself up off the sofa and into some training.

  • Do it with friends – Whatever training you are embarking on, its proven that if you are training with, or doing the same programme as friends, you are more likely to stick to it, as you don’t want to let your friends down by pulling out or fall behind if they are bang on it! Surrounding yourself with positive people, with likeminded goals will only increase your motivation to keep at it.
  • Schedule your sessions into your diary at the beginning of the week, and don’t remove them! – If you fail to prepare for the week ahead then you are preparing to fail as they say. BeanLite can be done at any time, any where – top tip, try and get your sessions done earlier on in the day, like pre work or before the kids are up, that way you are lessening the risk of something cropping up in the day and stealing your precious “get fit” time! It’s only 15 minutes – Hooray!
  • Get your kit out! – Treat yourself to some new workout gear, even if you’re only training at home! Leave your new gear somewhere you can always see it as a constant reminder to get it on and get achieving.

  • Clean up your diet and cut out the crap! – You are what you eat they say, and if you have a penchant for cakes then you are nothing more than a bit of a doughnut! You will get out of your body what you put in, so if energy to train is what you require then clean, nutrition packed food will undoubtedly help with this.
  • Remember the feeling of achievement – That feeling of achievement post workout makes it all worthwhile, the ability to feel smug that you got through it, and you’re feeling great! Try writing this feeling down or doing a video blog as a little reference point for times when you’re not feeling it.