Christmas Prehabilitation - Bean

Over consumption and under activity are inevitable parts of the festive period, resulting in an unwanted increase in weight, a decrease in physical fitness and an overwhelming feeling of lethargy and misery. While the solution may appear simple; consume less and move more, it is often not practical and far less enjoyable to abstain during this period of parties and merriment.

As a result of over consumption, it is estimated that we consume over 6,000 Calories on Christmas Day alone! The new year brings the omnipresent new year’s resolution of a diet and exercise regime in an attempt to return to our pre-overconsumption/underactive state; never easy and rarely successful, evidenced by the fact that, on average, new year’s resolutions last just 21 days!

The requirement for a period of post-Christmas rehabilitation has become as integral to the festive period as turkey and mince pies. But, is there are better way to cope with the rigours of excessive consumption and under-activity? Recently, my clinical research and practice has focused on pre-habilitation; the process of improving health and physical conditioning prior to the commencement of treatment i.e. surgery and chemotherapy. These pre-habilitation programmes have been given a variety of titles including: ‘fit for surgery’ and demonstrate that, focussing on improving physical fitness, nutrition and body composition prior to treatment leads to patients being better able to cope with the rigours of treatment, and recover more quickly following treatment. Given this success, it would appear advantageous to take a similar approach to the festive period. Ensuring you are in the best possible physical condition prior to Christmas will help you cope over the festive period and will accelerate recovery giving you a much-needed head start to your ‘new year, new you’ campaign.

Of course, we are time poor and highly stressed in the run-up to Christmas, making it difficult to fit a little ‘me-time’ into your schedule. That’s where BEAN Lite comes in; time efficient HIIT workouts that you can fit in anytime, anywhere, combined with a bespoke nutrition plan allows you to let BEAN take charge of your Christmas pre-habilitation, leaving you time, energy and enthusiasm for Christmas preparation.

Replacing December’s slippery slope to over consumption and under activity with a structured plan to be in the best physical, mental and emotional condition possible prior to the big day(s) is the best way to make the most of Christmas and bounce back rapidly into the new year.

Pre-habilitation supported by BEAN Lite could be your answer to a more enjoyable Christmas, New Year, and beyond.