How BEAN Lite Works. - Bean

At BEAN we very much believe in trying to educate our users on how best to find the right balance of both healthy, balanced eating and exercise that can best suit their lifestyle.

We are all different, and with this comes differences in many facets of our lives. Work, social, family & personal preferences should all shape our decisions on what is both realistic, and indeed enjoyable, when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With BEAN Lite, we are providing a fat loss resource to users, which we hope will educate them on how much they should be eating, and show them that there is no need to cut anything out of your diet – like is often seen in many crash fad diets.

Instead, we provide options on a variety of healthy whole foods, in the right balance and especially quantities.

Despite what you may have heard or been told, calories are essential when it comes to either fat loss, maintenance or weight gain.

From the information you provide upon registering, we are able to calculate your calorie requirements, to ensure you are eating 15-20% less than you require in order for your body to use your fat stores to make up the deficit.

Our BEAN Lite app requires you to select one option from our Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack options per day, which all add up to this calorie requirement.

All the calories are stated on the meal pages, so we encourage users to get used what we recommend they should be consuming at each meal.

Here at BEAN we are realists, and understand that sometimes you are going to have occasions where your consumption is higher and off plan. If this is the case, try and stick to around the same amount of calories that you know you should be eating at that meal, and if you do know you have gone over your requirements then be sure to make up for it the next day with one of our amazing HIIT workouts to offset that calorie surplus.

Be mindful not to feel guilty about anything you have eaten or drank, and in turn disheartened. This can lead to a few days off plan and overeating, which can dramatically affect your results. Instead, get back on plan the next day, train hard and it won’t matter!

Life is for living after all, so live it!

If you are eating off our plan the majority of the time, and hitting one of our amazing workouts 3 x a week, then you are well on your way to a leaner, fitter and happier self!

We hope you enjoy your BEAN Lite journey!