The 7 day calorie principle! - Bean

Hopefully by now you have started to take on board the importance of calories when starting out on a fat loss journey.

Calorie balance is the ultimate determiner as to whether you are going to be successful long term, as this should be the aim of any fat loss journey, long term adherence to the new learnt behaviours.

If we are searching for a consistent energy deficit in order for our body to start to draw from it’s fat stores for energy, we need to make sure we are able to do this over the course of a 7 day period.

The biggest problem that we often see, is that Monday-Friday people are on point with their calorie goals, but when it comes to the weekend it all goes out of the window.

Let’s use a little example.

Teddy wants to drop his body fat.

We have worked out that for Teddy, his daily calorie goal to do this, is 2,125kcal. This is based on 15% less than he would require to maintain weight at 2,500kcal.

Teddy is really good at hitting his calorie goal Monday to Friday, however on Saturday, he has a complete blow out – eating out and having drinks with friends. As a result, Teddy consumes 4000 calories that day, so 1500kcal more than he requires to maintain weight. He wakes up Sunday with a sore head and craves junk food, so as a result, again, consumes over his calorie goal with 3000kcal. Over the 2 days Teddy has over-consumed by 2000 calories! Monday to Friday Teddy created a deficit of 1875 calories. Teddy has basically cancelled out that deficit and therefore there will be no fat loss as a result.

Bad Teddy.

If this is a consistent weekly pattern for Teddy, Teddy will not be successful in dropping body fat as Teddy hasn’t created a calorie deficit over a 7 day period consistently.

The science is simple. The practice is an art.