How the behaviours you exhibit now, can strongly influence your childrens health - Bean

Unless you have had your head under ground for a good few years, or more likely chosen not to hear it, for the first time in history it is reported that children born in the last few years have become increasingly more likely to die before their parents due to the poor health seen amongst children today.

Isn’t that crazy!

Let’s just say that one more time. Because of the increasing rates of obesity, unhealthy eating habits and physical inactivity, we may see the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

As parents we are failing right here, right now, if we are not doing everything we can to ensure our children’s health is as good as it can be.

We say we love our kids, yet day in day out we are showing them that being unhealthy is ok.

As adults, we might not have a clear understanding of what is ‘healthy’ and if that’s the case we should be doing everything we can to ensure we are learning about it so we can impart it into our young.

Firstly, be as active as you can. We’re not saying you have to be hitting the gym every day or pounding the streets for miles and miles, but simply move with purpose, play games with your kids in the fresh air and avoid them seeing you sat down constantly! They are looking up to you as a role model, whatever you do they will follow mostly.

Probably the most important thing you can do today is making sure you are providing both you and your family with a balanced and nourishing diet. If kids aren’t seeing you setting an example and eating the right foods, why should they, right?

The World Health Organisation attributes approximately 1.7 million deaths a year worldwide to “inadequate fruit and vegetable intake”. Many of these are attributable to poor food choices made in early childhood.

Yes your kid may turn their nose up at certain foods that you’d like them to eat, and yes it’s probably ‘easier’ to just let them eat what they want. But parenting isn’t easy, and sometimes you have to be the bad guy, but you are doing it for them, for their health. I’m pretty sure that’s a good enough reason to not take the easy route?

Put simply, if you are not ensuring your children are eating a diet rich in vegetables and low in sugar and processed foods, you are directly influencing their potential to develop metabolic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease in later life.

We are not here to point the finger and make you feel bad. But we are here to try and tell you how it is. You have the chance to sit down with your husband, wife, partner etc and see whether you can and will implement change now for both yourself and your health, and those that you are responsible for until are an age they can make their own decisions on such matters. Hopefully by which time they CAN and SHOULD be conditioned to make the right choices and understand the importance of being as healthy as you can in order to live a long and disease free life!

Over to you. Now get the broccoli on!