Making this a lifestyle & not a 'fad'. - Bean

We’re all guilty of it, our diets, our fitness phases come and go like the weather. It happens year on year, January comes around, we’ve enjoyed ourselves during the festive period, we panic! We dust off that gym membership that we haven’t used for 11 months and we throw out anything that has carbs in it from the kitchen cupboard!

Every time we do this, we find out the same old hard way that it’s simply not sustainable, it’s not healthy and you could have done with those lie ins.

Now, important things take time, Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. With most things we spend our time and money on, we want it to be the best it can be, right? So why is it when it comes to our diet, our weight loss and our health, we think these ‘quick fix’ products advertised by these tanned and ripped fitness propaganda models, are the way forward. Unfortunately, these products spend a lot of money making you believe that they work, which as a quick fix they may do, but at what cost to your body!? The simple reality is that unless the fundamental lifestyle changes are in place and maintainable, sustainable weight loss is a destination you’ll struggle to reach.

It all comes down to lifestyle. The reason why any changes happens to us, from social life, to career, to our health. It is the decisions we make on a daily basis for a prolonged period of time, that have resulted in where we are today. Change doesn’t happen quickly, you didn’t get overweight overnight. You aren’t going to lose weight overnight either. This will all come from a positive change in your lifestyle.

A lifestyle change follows a positive change in your mind-set. It’s about small, manageable and achievable changes, you can make on a daily basis that will make a huge impact on your health and body composition.

For example, if you had to learn a speech for your company, you wouldn’t go and try and learn the entire speech from start to finish? You would break it down! Sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. So don’t try and do it with your weight loss and diet. Look to lose a small amount weekly rather than a large amount over a longer period of time. It needs to be treated the same, it’s about the goals you can achieve today, to put you in a better place for tomorrow, for next week, for next month. They may seem like small changes, but it’s those little tweaks in your lifestyle that will make the bigger difference in the long run.

With BeanLite, we are about education. We want you to relearn what it is to eat the right amount of food for you, but food that is yummy and easy to prepare, balancing ALL macro nutrient food groups.

With our programme, you will be able to start making those daily changes to your diet, your physical activity and your general lifestyle that will put you, step by step, in the right direction towards achieving your goals.