Struggling with your weight loss? - Bean

Do you feel that you are doing all the right things, but just aren’t seeing the results you expected? Well, maybe these 3 points could help!

1. Are you expecting too dramatic results?

What kind of weight loss are you expecting? Huge calorie deficit weight loss diets do exactly what they say on the tin! You lose weight, a lot of it, fast! But is it all the right weight and is it sustainable? We think not! Significant weight loss is not healthy. It is no doubt achieved my massively under-eating which we cannot carry on in the long run, as all we will be doing is under nourishing our bodies and that will result in several health issues.
At BEAN, we look to gradually drop your weight and help educate you about what to eat, to promote a healthy calorie deficit that is sustainable – so  any dramatic weight loss doesn’t just pile back on! Losing 1-2 pounds over a week or two week period is great! It means that you’re losing weight sensibly and in a way that is sustainable and healthy.

2. Are you consuming more calories than you think?

Everything we eat AND drink contains calories and they all add up to our daily calorie intake. If we are eating on a plan to lose weight by consuming less calories than we burn each day, but on top of that we drink a load of calories in coffees, smoothies, fizzy drinks, then we will be closing the gap of this deficit and could even push us into a surplus and see us gaining weight! Another factor could be the amount of the ingredients we are using when we cook. Most weight loss plans are designed in a way that calculates the calories attached to a certain amount of food. If we are using more than the recommended amount of each ingredient, we could find the calories in each of our meals creep up and up, closing the deficit gap and again potentially putting us into a surplus!

3. Is your N.E.A.T high enough?

N.E.A.T stands for Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis… sounds complicated right? Well its not – thankfully! It basically means your energy burn from anything that is not your body functioning to eat, sleep and work internally, or working out/ physical activity. We are talking about moving, fidgeting, walking around etc. This can not only have a huge benefit on your health but can also increase your daily calorie burn that will in turn, increase your daily calorie deficit to help burn fat and lose weight. So have a think about your daily movement – how long are you sitting for each day? How many emails do you send or phone calls do you make where you could get up and walk over to your colleague? Do you take the lift instead of the stairs? Changing all of these things could lead to an increase in your N.E.A.T and see you create a greater calorie burn each day.

To recap, lets be realistic with our weight loss. If we are honest, no-one wants to lose a ton of weight and then put it all back on again a month later! Yo-Yo dieting isn’t the one! Remember, all food and drink contain calories and nutrition plans that aim to create a calorie deficit like BEAN Lite have calculated the calorific value of certain amounts of each ingredient – try to stick to the right quantities!

And finally, move more! Be more active, walk more, stand more, fidget more! The more you move, the greater your daily calorie burn can be and the better chance of improving your calorie deficit!