Yo-Yo Dieting: It Does Exactly What it Says on the Tin! - Bean

Bean Lite is not a diet.

This is because controlling body weight in the long-term is difficult to achieve through dieting alone.

We don’t like to be negative here at Bean, but the facts are that only 1 in 10 dieters maintain their weight loss in the long-term, with 90% that fail to maintain their weight loss, and over half put more weight on than when they started their diet! This is why at Bean Lite we have created the correct solution for achievable, maintainable controlled weight loss.

There are multiple reasons for the failure of dieting alone but, the desire for rapid reductions in weight and the failure to create long-term positive behavioural change are amongst the most common factors. With our support, we can help you stop these well intentioned bad habits, and turn these stats on their head!

Yo-Yo dieting does exactly what it says on the tin. The approach of many diets is to promote extreme reductions in calorie consumption leading to rapid weight loss which is very closely followed by a failure to maintain the diet leading to rapid weight gain. This short-term failure is commonly followed by re-starting the diet which leads to the same result, and so, the cycle continues: rapid weight loss, weight gain, rapid weight loss, weight gain and so on, just like a yo-yo going up and down repeatedly.

The rapid reduction in weight associated with Yo-Yo diets occurs as a result of a fall in both fat mass and muscle mass. This means that when you go back to eating naughty, you’re just replacing the fat you lost. Bean Lite takes the right approach through exercise and nutrition making you look better, be healthier and stay that way!

Importantly, weight loss is not solely about calorie consumption (what you eat). Calorie expenditure (how active you are) is a key part of long-term weight management. In addition to increasing energy expenditure, increased physical activity helps maintain muscle mass which is important for your physical performance, health and metabolism. Furthermore, exercisers tend to make better lifestyle choices which supports their long-term behaviour change and sustainable weight management. As well as myriad physical, psychological, emotional and social benefits of being more active.

In brief, Yo-Yo dieting is ineffective in long-term weight management and, sadly, often results in the dieter being more efficient at gaining weight! Maintaining a healthy balanced diet and making small, sustainable changes along with increasing energy expenditure through increased physical activity and exercise, has been shown to be much more successful in long-term behavioural change and weight management. That’s why, here at BEAN, we have designed a bespoke programme of meal plans and exercise tailored to you, to provide you with the support needed to reach your weight management goals and sustain them – long-term.